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More than just dads!

Our Mission:

Mockingbird Dads Club strives to build community among families and specifically fathers of kids going to Mockingbird Elementary School and the surrounding schools. Beyond community we also strive to lead projects and events that help enhance the lives of the families in the community surrounding Mockingbird Elementary.

Dads Club meets monthly to discuss ways we can help the school, each other and our community. We run Mockingbird Elementary's Back-to-school Cleanup Day, weekly Morning Math Club, Spring Field Day and other jobs as needed by our amazing school staff and PTA to make their projects run smoothly. We share sports coaching tips, uniform designs and gear and help each other become better teachers and coaches for our kids. We host events like our annual bowling league and corn hole tournament as well as monthly socials. We do father-son/daughter camp-outs that your kids will remember forever.

Keep in mind that we say Dads Club but we are open to Uncles, StepDads, Godfathers, Grandads and any other father figures that stand out in a kid's life to lead them through this crazy world. We believe in these kids and we look to help each other become better guides for our children. If you have a vested interest in this school and these kids then reach out and take part to support them.

We are open and free to all but encourage donations to help us make a difference. We need muscle and pocketbooks to make a difference and we encourage you to give however you can so we can all work on making this community better together. If you have ideas please email me

OUR 2023-2024 BOARD

Bryan DeSena, Co-President (3rd grade girl, 1st grade boy)

Joel Dons, Co-President (3rd grade boy, 1st grade boy, more on the way)

Taber Wetz, President Emeritus (3rd grade girl)

Kevin McDonough (3rd grade girl, 5th grade boy)

Jeff Strauss (1st grade girl, 5th grade boy)

Hunter Maples (5th grade girl)

Our Leadership Chairs for 2023-24

SBDM: Doug Connor

PTATaber Wetz

Math Club

Grounds: Andrew Napora & John Carl

Campout: McDonough, Wetz, DeSena, Dons

Bowling: John McKelvy

Cornhole: Wes Butler

Golf: Matt Barger

Field Day: Taber Wetz

Dual Language: Ryan Leecock

Social: Rick Martinez

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