A great thank you to all that help make our organization work

Mockingbird Dads Club leads several events at Mockingbird Elementary and creates events outside of school for parents to be involved in wonderful moments building memories with their kids. We encourage getting outdoors, advancing school subject knowledge, good friendships amongst both parents and kids, and sharing experiences with our neighbors and friends. We cannot make these things happen with the great support of our amazing sponsors. An enormous thank you to each and every one of you willing to partner with us to create amazing memories for our kids and for helping us parents socialize and build friendships.

UPS Store
5706 E Mockingbird Lane's UPS is just a few feet from the school and offers printing services and more! They have helped Dads Club a TON and are owned and managed by one of our Mockingbird Dads!
Tuttas Pizza
Talented Mockingbird Dad Jeremy Scott has one of Dallas's best pizza joints! Located in the West End you'll be hooked after the first bite. Join us for one of our many Mockingbird events hosted here by the Scott family!
Rudolphs Market
Family run by one of our Mockingbird Dads you'll find packages from Rudolphs as prizes for lots of Dads events. Who doesn't love the best butcher in Dallas?!?!? Visit them in Deep Ellum and ask for Neal.
White Rock Alehouse
A great host for Dads Club socials and the owner is one of our member Mockingbird Dads!!
Laurel Tavern
LT has hosted numerous give-back days and has helped up raise money for Dads Club
Host of our 2019 Dads Club Casino Nite!! Owned by one of our Dads Club members as well!
Home to the infamous Dads Club Bowling League. This is an amazing place for a nite of bowling!
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