fun at Possum Kingdom Lake


Dads Club yearly campout at Possum Kingdom Lake is a weekend every dad and his kid(s) needs to make. A great weekend to get to know the other dads while spending time away with your kids hiking, riding horses, trying your skills at archery and more. Give Mom a break for the weekend and make it a Dads weekend away!


Pictures with Santa

Dads Club hosted its first annual Santa party December 2019 and it was a magical day for the kids who came to see Santa. We played games, wrote letters to Santa, sipped hot chocolate, ate candy canes and enjoyed an amazing afternoon with our Mockingbird family.

Thank you to all that came. Please take time to make donations below as we are giving proceeds to our Mockingbird Peace Pantry

Stock the Pantry

Dads Club is doing a fundraiser to help benefit our Mockingbird Peace Pantry to help ensure they have what they need to provide for our families over the holiday break. Please help donate to Dads Club so we can knock out their wish list!

MDC Cornhole 2019.png
bean bags for bragging rights


This single weekend event in the fall is one of our social events for the Dads to just have a good time and build community with some friendly competition. To the winner is a new set of boards!

knocking' down pins


Every Monday for 8 weeks the Dads Club gets up to the bowling alley for bragging rights amongst the school. Friends are made but competition is thick. Just a dedicated night each week for the guys to hang out and have some fun knocking down pins.



cleaning and painting for the kids

Dads Club commits a weekend day before school starts to get out and tackle some of the many needs we have to make our school look great going into the new school year. We touch up paint in the school, we repaint the white top for pickup, we fix things that are broken and do whatever else the teachers may need to help with to make the year successful.

Thursday Morning Kolache Klub


Dads Club manages a morning math club for each grade level. Starting at 7:10am the kids can come early and focus their efforts on advancing their math skills through fun games and drills taught by our Mockingbird Parents. Email me for information on how to help.

All Dads On Board


Dads Club takes on much of the heavy lifting to make Field Day a success at Mockingbird Elementary. From cooking lunch for the staff and volunteers to setting up and making sure there are plenty of people to help all the games go smoothly for the kids. This is a long day of fun for the kids thanks to the help of our dads.



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