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Supporting our Mockingbird Family

Dads Club was founded to be a support organization for Mockingbird Elementary and its surrounding neighborhoods and community. Dads Club would like to start helping spotlight the restaurants and shops that are Mockingbird family owned/operated and give you a resource to find these businesses to connect the dots from our Mockingbird families to the businesses they run. If you or someone you know should be on this list please email me directly to get added (

We are made possible by your support and we look forward to returning the favor and supporting all of those families who support Mockingbird and our Dads Club each and every year. Thank you!

Rudolph's Meat Market

The oldest butcher shop in Dallas and if you like to grill then this is your meat heaven! Support our Mockingbird Dad, Neal Andreassen, whose family has poured their hearts into this place for generations. They're making it easier for you to get groceries with their produce boxes to go with your meat orders! Call ahead and curbside pickup Wed-Sat 9a-3p.

Free My Music

Trying to work from home but just don't have everything you need? Stuck inside and finally realizing its time to upgrade your electronics or tvs? Call Mockingbird dad Matt Stafford and his crew over at Free My Music. They're alway happy to DJ our Mockingbird events like Carnival and such...let's call them and support them now!

Maya's Mediterranean

Maya's owner, Richard Birk, will deliver to our neighborhoods once a week (Thursdays) for free just as a thank you to our Mockingbird family so keep your Thursday nite dinner plans open to include them! Their food is amazing and their family is our family so let's keep this in our delivery rotation! Get that hummus, it's amazing!!!

White Rock Alehouse & Brewery

Food and beer to go! Stop by this Gaston and Grand spot by our own Tommy DeAlano for great food and beer to go! 

UPS Store at

Mockingbird & Greenville

Mockingbird Dad, David Jones, and his team at UPS is the most convenient and easy spot for printing, packing and shipping around the neighborhood. They are ALWAYS up for helping out our teachers and PTA for printing needs, they supply cardboard for our garden and David's an active supporter of our Dads Club! If you need to ship off care packages to a loved one, need printing, thank you cards or something else please stop by there and support them.

Dee's Doggie Den

Dee Moore of Dee's Doggie Den has been affected greatly by this crisis and would love your support! If your pup could use a spa day or if you're traveling and need to board PLEASE keep her contact handy and give them a visit!

King Office Products

Home schooling and working from home will drain that printer in a hurry! If you need ink and toner delivered to your house please reach out to Mockingbird Dad Keith King. What he lacks in bowling skills in our Dads Club league he makes up for in service and being a great dad.

Ace Handyman Services

Mockingbird Mom and keeper of the great sign out in front of the school with all our messages, Stacy Huston owns our local franchise for all your handyman needs! Starting to notice all the things about your house you need to fix up? Give her a call and support our Mockingbird family!

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